Our Team of Solution Providers

Karen Greene, CRP
Vice-President &
Director of Corporate Real Estate Services
o 972-980-6633
c 214-215-1217
Tina Swenson, SCRP, SGMS 
Vice-President &
Director of Corporate Development
o 972-980-6644
c 972-342-7100



Shelley Davis, CRP
Operations Manager
Corporate Real Estate Services
o 972-980-6637
c 972-342-8376



Sylvia Smith

Director of Corporate Suites
o 972-980-6680



Albert Lujan
Manager Broker & Affinity Referrals
o 972-980-6630
c 214-577-3364



Robin Higgins
Broker to Broker Assistant
o 972-980-6661



Jayme Schmalzried, CRP
Destination Services Manager
o 972-980-6636
c 972-523-9594



Sharon Magee
Corporate Destination Assistant
o 972-980-6632



Rob Mauga
Corporate Listings Manager
o 972-980-6687
c 214-476-7276



Jeff Pearce
Corporate Listing Coordinator
o 972-980-6664



Rita Fitzpatrick, SRES
Corporate Relocation Accounting
o 972-980-6656



LaTressa Bagsby
Director of Apartment Leasing
o 972-980-6675



Pamela Young
eResource Manager
o 972-980-6691














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