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TEAM GALLINI is dedicated to bringing you the best in customer service when it comes to buying, selling, or leasing in the Dallas metroplex & beyond. With decades of combined experience in the local market including homes, ranches, and hi-rises, we can assure you will have some of the savviest in negotiations, follow-through, and expedience on your side. We pride ourselves in excellent taste and quality when it comes to finding the best property for your needs with around-the-clock service that has no expiration date. Thorough, energetic & attentive: TEAM GALLINI has your back.
Charme Gallini is far above the rest when it comes to award-winning knowledge, expertise, and hands-on service. Decades in the business as a real estate agent and many years as a lending officer leave few questions Charme cannot answer about finding YOUR best home in YOUR best neighborhood at a GREAT value. She has been with Dave Perry-Miller since the beginning of the company, receiving 8 top producer awards in that time. Having gained respect with many of Dallas' best and brightest, her reputation as one of the most successful, reliable, hardworking businesswomen is city-wide--just ask her many repeat clients.
Breck Gallini is a seasoned veteran of home sales. By "seasoned veteran" we mean he has spent much of his life riding shotgun through the thickest and thinnest of real estate transactions with mother, Charme Gallini, and his firsthand experience in transactions as an agent continues to grow by the day. Not only does he understand buying, selling, and negotiations quite intuitively, but also has a constant mentor in his business partner and close friend. Breck received a bachelor's degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, but his roots are strong in Texas, where he was raised in the Park Cities. He is well aware Dallas is perhaps the fastest up-and-coming global city in the U.S., and one that will prove crucial to the economy in the coming decades. Start moving that real estate now-- Breck will be your guy every step of the way. "TEAM GALLINI!"
  • 4244 Potomac Avenue Highland Park, TX 75205 - Image
    Potomac Avenue Highland Park, TX 75205
  • 4409 Beverly Drive Highland Park, TX 75205 - Image
    Beverly Drive Highland Park, TX 75205
  • 4044 Buena Vista Street #111 Dallas, TX 75204 - Image
    Buena Vista Street Dallas, TX 75204
  • 4409 Beverly Drive Highland Park, TX 75205 - Image
    Beverly Drive Highland Park, TX 75205
  • 6335 W Northwest Highway #712 Dallas, TX 75225 - Image
    Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75225
  • 4518 UNIVERSITY B University Park, TX 75205 - Image
    UNIVERSITY University Park, TX 75205

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