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The members of the Bradley and Levine Team think very much alike — pleasing their clients is their top priority. This team believes it is essential to walk their clients through the whole process with grace and confidence. Their similar thought processes make them interchangeable and easy to work with. Their business growth stems from referrals from clients and friends.

Lindsey Bradley: Lindsey is a Texas native with family roots in Dallas. Armed with a degree in corporate communications from the University of Texas at Austin, she hit the ground running in the Dallas residential real estate market. She has quickly developed a solid understanding of the ever-changing trends and competitive industry. Lindsey’s strong work ethic and interpersonal skills of understanding the buyer, seller, and lessor’s needs allow her to provide the absolute highest standards of industry professionalism and courtesy to her clients. She truly understands the stress, so let her Texas charm and thorough knowledge of the Dallas residential market put you and your family at ease.

Lesli Marcus Levine: In addition to being a stellar home seller, Lesli is also a fashion stylist, business consultant, and coffee aficionado. Lesli has more than 30 years’ experience in the customer service industries and a background in psychology, which plays out well when wheeling and dealing to sell your home to the highest bidder. Her years of experience running her own retail business have given her vast knowledge of contract negotiations, which can become quite involved and complicated. She is dedicated to offering knowledgeable and consistent representation that consistently creates results for her clients. Lesli is proud to be associated with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, which provides an ideal philosophy and platform for Lesli to excel.


  • 3623 Routh Street A Dallas, TX 75219 - Image
    Routh Street Dallas, TX 75219
  • 4818 Hopkins Avenue Dallas, TX 75209 - Image
    Hopkins Avenue Dallas, TX 75209
  • 5436 Vickery Boulevard Dallas, TX 75206 - Image
    Vickery Boulevard Dallas, TX 75206
  • 5203 Monticello Avenue Dallas, TX 75206 - Image
    Monticello Avenue Dallas, TX 75206
  • 4419 Holland Avenue #101 Dallas, TX 75219 - Image
    Holland Avenue Dallas, TX 75219
  • 8735 Rexford Drive Dallas, TX 75209 - Image
    Rexford Drive Dallas, TX 75209

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