Robin Sanchez

Associate, Ebby Halliday Realtors

About Me

With focus, energy and genuine care and concern, Robin Sanchez guides her home buying and selling clients through every step of the moving process. As a result of her personalized approaches to real estate, attention to detail, and always going the extra mile, her clients are happy, knowledgeable homeowners. Having relocated her family several times, she knows what it takes to move across the city, state or country and shares this experience with her clients, whether they be veteran movers or first time home buyers, they all benefit from her experience. She has learned that care, trust, good service and empathy are the characteristics her client's value most. Dedicated to establishing trust and building strong relationships, Robin starts every home search or marketing effort with listening closely to her clients. She then develops and implements a customized strategy that will ensure a smooth enjoyable experience for every individual or family.

Having spent years as a parent volunteer in her children's schools, she has learned that any school can be a great experience if the parent, child and teacher work together.  She served as a co-leader of the volunteer program, room parent, office volunteer and class parent.  Additionally, in the past she was a volunteer for the Irving Healthcare Foundation, helping out with Texasfest.
Currently, Robin spends her spare time in a memory care facility as a hospice volunteer as well as being a member of the fitness committee at Hackberry Creek Country Club. 
  • 811 Redondo Irving, TX 75039 - Image
    Redondo Irving, TX 75039
  • 407 Red River Trail Irving, TX 75063 - Image
    Red River Trail Irving, TX 75063
  • 16540 Amistad Avenue Prosper, TX 75078 - Image
    Amistad Avenue Prosper, TX 75078
  • 1029 Mccoy Irving, TX 75062 - Image
    Mccoy Irving, TX 75062
  • 1025 Mccoy Irving, TX 75062 - Image
    Mccoy Irving, TX 75062
  • 610 Castle Creek Coppell, TX 75019 - Image
    Castle Creek Coppell, TX 75019

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