Makenzie Pannell

Associate, Williams Trew

About Me

Makenzie Pannell is a caregiver, she is selfless in her pursuit to help others. She has demonstrated this through her entire career, whether being a personal trainer, teacher, building her own boot camp business or providing great service for her real estate clients. Makenzie is considerate, thoughtful and generous, but she is also incredibly driven and passionate about getting the absolute best results for her clients. 

Makenzie has spent much of her life moving from house to house and saw the real impact real estate agents can have on their clients’ lives – this experience was fundamental for Makenzie getting into the business herself. Makenzie attended Texas A&M and received a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition. She built her own fitness business after school where she honed her skills in accounting, time management and communicating with both vendors and clients. Makenzie is the type of real estate agent that you will want to continue your relationship long after she has helped you buy or sell your home.

If you have any real estate needs and are looking for a trusted advisor, reach out to Makenzie today. She will go above and beyond to make sure you feel well taken care of and confident throughout the entire process. 

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    Westcliff Road Fort Worth, TX 76109
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    Coral Drive Coppell, TX 75019