Leanne King

Associate, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

About Me

Leanne King was born in Dallas, and from the start became fascinated with the architecture and design the big city and surrounding areas had to offer! She is a multidisciplinary, strategic individual who has an eye for perfection. What distinguishes her from others is her resilient spirit, fresh perspective and hard work ethic. She believes in no excuses and delivering results! On her downtime, she loves helping others in the community and spending time with her siblings and her two nephews Henry and Camden. Leanne is ready to put in the work for her clients and not settle for anything but the best. 

  • 1953 Camden Way Carrollton, TX 75007 - Image
    Camden Way Carrollton, TX 75007
  • 4141 Hyer Street B University Park, TX 75205 - Image
    Hyer Street University Park, TX 75205
  • 612 Delphinium Drive Dallas, TX 75217 - Image
    Delphinium Drive Dallas, TX 75217