Iuri Schmidt

Associate, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

About Me

As our world grows smaller, the need for worldly agents grows larger. Iuri (pronounced Yuri) Schmidt is just such an agent. The São Paulo-born Schmidt not only speaks three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish), he also became certified in international business in Ireland after getting his business degree in Brazil. As more and more people flock here from elsewhere, his broad perspective – not to mention the empathy developed from transplanting himself to Miami and more recently Dallas – will surely be of comfort to anyone moving, near or far.

Schmidt began his professional career as a marketing assistant at Bayer Pharmaceutical when he was just 17.  He worked on a project with 22 American consultants and soon found himself teaching Portuguese (and learning English) on the side. His work ethic, communication style and resourcefulness made him stand out, and he was quickly promoted, soon assisting the CEO of Novartis Brazil.

Customer service became Schmidt’s calling card at a young age, and he looks forward to putting it to work for you. He says being so far from home makes him want to accomplish as much as he can to show his family and friends that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, your color or economic situation -- you can work hard and live the life you dream of.

When he’s not selling his new hometown and all it has to offer, Schmidt likes to bike, kayak, go to the movies and travel – especially to the mountains.

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