Heather Guild

Associate, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

About Me

Heather Guild grew up in rural Kentucky, but she became fond of urban life while in college. That background helps explain why she’s so in love with Lakewood — it really is a small town that just happens to be in a big city.

Heather embodies the motto of the Heather Guild Group: “Living, Loving, Listing Lakewood.” She is an active member of the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA, and her son is a student at Lakewood Elementary. In fact, Heather and her husband bought their house in large part because it was within walking distance of the school. “There is something really cool about being able to walk to school in the midst of a neighborhood in the heart of Dallas,” says Heather.

“One of my passions is public education,” Heather said. “As a mom and a real estate agent, I know how important it is for our community to give our children access to a quality education, and I want to do all that I can to help.”

Heather got an early start in the real estate business as a teenager -- she answered phones for a Realtor while his assistant was on vacation. When Heather’s husband was in law school in North Carolina, she worked for one of the largest commercial real estate companies in Raleigh. And when her husband’s career brought them to Dallas, she took a job as an office administrator at a high-end, boutique real estate agency. All of those accumulated experiences added up to a light bulb over Heather’s head.

“Real estate felt like such a natural fit,” she says. “I always believe in being authentic — in my marketing, in my relationships — and that’s what the transition to becoming a real estate agent felt like. It was an authentic and natural progression.”

Heather brings an analytical eye to transactions and contracts, explaining the complexities to her clients in language they can understand. At the same time, her degree in psychology helps her walk clients through the emotional aspects of buying and selling houses.  It’s that skill-set that has helped her earn the distinction of being named a Top Producer at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, as well as being selected for the D Magazine’s Best Real Agents 2014 and the Top 25 Realtors in Lakewood/East Dallas by the Lakewood Advocate.

“I love that my clients become dear friends,” Heather says. “I love knowing people wherever I go. And I love finding that perfect fit in a home for someone with really specific needs. It’s exhilarating!”

  •     Dave Perry-Miller InTown Office's Top 10 Producers, 2011
  •     Dave Perry-Miller Lakewood Office's Top 5 Producers, 2014
  •     Advocate's Top 25 Realtors in Lakewood, 2014
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