About Me

Gaylene was born and raised in Arizona, before beginning her career in the federal government.  Relocating every two years soon became the norm and Gaylene’s journey took her to Illinois, South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Southern California.  In 2008, Gaylene and her family relocated from Riverside, California to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Gaylene and her family fell in love with the great state of Texas and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!  

Dreams and goals of furthering her education would become a reality.  After much dedication and hard work, she graduated with honors, in 2015, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice/Human Services Administration.  She has personal experience of relocating, buying, selling, and renovating many homes of her own.  She realizes the importance and value of having this experience and is committed and passionate about the needs of all of her clients.  

The motto of “going above and beyond” is one that Gaylene strives to achieve every day.  Let her help you make your dreams a reality, whether you are buying, selling, or leasing.  Gaylene is one you can count on to make your journey an adventure!