About Me

I am local, reliable and Denton. My in-depth knowledge of the city, business experience and ties to the community are invaluable for clients buying or selling homes in or around Denton.

I’ve worked for the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau and Denton Chamber of Commerce, and with SERVE Denton, United Way of Denton County, Denton County Office of History and Culture, Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County and a variety of other local non-profits.

My goal is always to ensure that each resident and visitor has the best experience possible in our dynamic, culturally rich and growing city, and I would be honored to work for you!


  • 2409 Westview Trail Denton, TX 76207 - Image
    Westview Trail Denton, TX 76207
  • 600 Hettie Street Denton, TX 76209 - Image
    Hettie Street Denton, TX 76209
  • 807 Imperial Denton, TX 76209 - Image
    Imperial Denton, TX 76209