Courtney Womack

Associate, Ebby Halliday Realtors

About Me

As a former teacher, Courtney has a passion for helping others not only go through the process of buying and selling a house, but also making sure they learn, understand and enjoy their time finding their HOME. Courtney is a North Texas native who has slowly migrated her way north east from her hometown of Plano. With her knowledge of the region paired with years of experience in different school districts around, Courtney can help you find just what you are looking for in many different facets of what you are searching for.

When she is not scouring real estate sights and Pinterest looking for ideal houses and fixer upper projects for herself (with the help of her dad), Courtney spends time with her husband and former high school sweetheart, Jamison Womack, who is a golf professional in Plano. Courtney and Jamison have one spunky second grader who is also quite the Youtuber.

If you want to be treated with the care, compassion and respect you deserve, Courtney Womack is the agent for you. Spending thirty plus years in the DFW area, as well as her wealth of knowledge surrounding the school districts nearby, her inside scoop, energy and passion for people will be an excellent resource for you and the people you love!

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    Sunset Boulevard Quinlan, TX 75474
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    Summit Knoll Trail Sachse, TX 75048
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