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Though I’m a native Dallasite, Cedar Creek Lake has always been my second home. In 1965 my Dad’s parents bought a small lot on the edge of a valley in Tool and began building a weekend cabin with their own hands. In those days, Cedar Creek Lake was thirty-three thousand acres of East Texas low-land and the water boundary was marked off with surveyor flags instead of seawalls. My Dad’s parents spent their weekdays in Dallas at their house in Lake Highlands, but worked on their cabin and entertained family and friends on the weekends. In fact, when my Mom’s parents were introduced to the lake, they fell in love with it as well, and built their own cabin on a lot in the same subdivision. I suppose this made it inevitable that my summers and vacation time were going to be spent at Cedar Creek Lake. Indeed, I was swimming almost as soon as I was walking and tandem water skiing with my cousins at the age of six. For me, the highlight of Thanksgiving was raking and burning leaves with my family, the winter meant cards and board games by the fire, in the spring time you could find me on the dock fishing for perch or following close behind my Granddad as he planted his tomatoes, and my summers were marked by fish fries, fireflies and fireworks!

I went to Lake Highlands High School in Dallas and I later attended Southern Methodist University where I received a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Psychology, and I went on to seek my Masters Degree in English Literature there as well. This kept me close to the Lake—providing a convenient and inexpensive getaway for me and my friends—and I count the time I spent with them, jet skiing, tubing and sailing, among my most precious memories. 

I suppose it’s no wonder that I should find myself selling real estate at Cedar Creek Lake. It’s easy for me to sing the lake’s praises, because I have a tremendous affinity for its beauty, lifestyle and often eclectic architecture. Of course, I especially like the older lake cabins, like my Granddad’s. The ones that have been expanded and remodeled many times over the course of the last half-century. That “cabin” is now my lake house and I’m getting to relive many wonderful experiences and build new memories as I share it with my family and friends. What’s more, working in real estate has afforded the special opportunity to share my knowledge and love of the lake with new people on a daily basis. As a real estate agent, I think it is this that truly sets me apart—a genuine understanding, appreciation and affection for what Cedar Creek Lake has to offer.

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  • 350 Overlook Trail Gun Barrel City, TX 75156 - Image
    Overlook Trail Gun Barrel City, TX 75156
  • 612 Sampan Drive Tool, TX 75143 - Image
    Sampan Drive Tool, TX 75143
  • 2109 Windward Street Tool, TX 75143 - Image
    Windward Street Tool, TX 75143
  • 6501 Brenda Malakoff, TX 75148 - Image
    Brenda Malakoff, TX 75148
  • 110 La Jolla Mabank, TX 75156 - Image
    La Jolla Mabank, TX 75156
  • 1951 Cherokee Trace Tool, TX 75143 - Image
    Cherokee Trace Tool, TX 75143

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