About Me

Blake Sims grew up in Rowlett, moved to College Station for a few years, and spent some time on the road umpiring professional baseball. But he always knew where home was and eventually made his way back to Rowlett. Blake will always have a love and passion for baseball, but he has also realized his love for helping people with their homes. While he was climbing the ranks in umpiring, he also stayed very busy working in the indoor/outdoor home remodeling industry in the DFW metroplex. Turning client visions into beautiful realities, was something that Blake truly enjoyed. One part of the remodeling process that Blake loved was listening to clients discuss in detail what they wanted their homes to mean to them, and why it was important to them.  At the completion of each project, Blake prized himself on achieving complete client satisfaction. With encouragement from his family and friends, Blake decided to pursue a career in real estate full-time so he could help people feel comfortable, confident, and completely satisfied during the entire home buying process. Let Blake help you make the right call when finding your dream home.