Bitsy Hudnall

Associate, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

About Me

“Bitsy” Anne Kornegay Hudnall’s interest in real estate began in the most gradual of ways: over casual dinners with her long-time agent ― and mother-in-law ― Eileen Hudnall.  Bitsy’s husband, Matt Hudnall, is a real estate attorney, so typical meal-time conversations have long centered around the business. 

Bitsy and Eileen decided to form a work family as well, and the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate team looks forward to working with yours.  Their family motto: “Put the people first, not the house.”

The Louisiana native has lived in Dallas for more than 20 years.  Although Bitsy was born and raised in the Bayou State, her mother was a Park Cities native, and they have extended family in the Dallas area. She knows it well.

Bitsy is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (B.A. and M.S.) and enjoys volunteering and working with people through her involvement in Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, the Junior League, National Charity League, Young Men’s Service League and garden clubs.

  • Member, Texas Association of REALTORS
  • Member, National Association of REALTORS


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