Billy Jack Smith

Associate, Ebby Halliday Realtors

About Me

Welcome to my home town and home state. As a 6th generation TEXAN and 5th generation Dallasite I’ve seen a world of change in real estate. From my humble beginnings starting in Oak Cliff to living in Tokyo, 40 years of “buying/selling” domestically and internationally, I’ve seen the thoroughbreds and donkeys. There’s no crystal ball here, just the enigma of real estate.


Which leads to > are you > Buying or Selling?      


Become OPPORTUNISTIC! Leverage your financial situation into making logic, whether buying/selling your “dream home”, lake house, distressed property, or a recreational/leisure spread.  Does it make sense from either side of the table? Choices can be abounding when it comes to real estate. Don’t become perplexed. Contact me and we can discuss.


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