Ana Wende

Associate, Ebby Halliday Realtors

About Me

 I was raised in Colorado due to my dad's service in the Air Force. Married a U.S. Navy officer and moved to the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, home of the largest naval base in the world. Serving along my husband's side has been one of my greatest honors. Moving every two years and having to take care of the household during his constant absence there was no time for a career. It wasn't until his retirement that I had to introspectively examine what career path I wanted to go down. I had always been on the client side of a transaction and knew the passion and devotion it took to be a great sales agent. I chose a career in real estate to be more than just a sales agent, but to be the person I was in desperate need of to help me transition from state to state. Various times I had to move as my husband stayed behind and it was my agent that helped me in monumental ways. Real Estate and more specific agents have played a vital role in helping serve my husband as he served our country. I look forward to serving you as your agent. I am also available to serve as a bilingual agent for I am fluent in Spanish.