Ace Lahli

Associate, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

About Me

With a strong passion and love for architecture, Ace Lahli began his real estate journey in 2015 at the age of 26. A native Texas, Ace was born and raised in Plano before moving to Los Angeles in 2007 where he lived for three years. Upon moving back, he used the knowledge he had obtained and developed in fashion to help with the creation of ELVNTHHR, a casual contemporary menswear brand based out of Dallas.

While serving as the CEO of the brand, Ace was also working as a full time financial adviser, going from Wells Fargo to TIAA-CREF to JPMorgan Chase, where he decided that it was time to hang up the financial adviser hat. After leaving JPMorgan in 2015, Ace decided to follow his passion in pursuing fashion as well as a possible real estate career.

Upon leaving the financial advising world, Ace began work as a Personal Stylist at Nordstrom, working with a unique clientele in making sure their needs were met, whether they were needing something for the evening, a whole new wardrobe, or a therapist to talk about life outside of fashion and clothes.

It was this expert level of care that caught the attention of Mark Cain, who extended an offer to Ace to join his team at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. From there, Ace began working as an intern for Mark Cain and his Marketing Administrator, Taylor Cousins, while studying for his real estate license. Having passed the exam in March of 2016, Ace accepted a permanent role on the team and is working closely with Mark and Taylor to develop the skillset needed to succeed in the real estate industry. When not at work, Ace enjoys working out and training colleagues, playing recreational flag football, and discovering new restaurants in the Dallas area.



  • 4626 Dorset Road Dallas, TX 75229 - Image
    Dorset Road Dallas, TX 75229
  • 6207 Northwood Road Dallas, TX 75225 - Image
    Northwood Road Dallas, TX 75225
  • 2305 Worthington Street #114 Dallas, TX 75204 - Image
    Worthington Street Dallas, TX 75204
  • 8715 Glencrest Dallas, TX 75209 - Image
    Glencrest Dallas, TX 75209
  • 3504 Almond Lane McKinney, TX 75070 - Image
    Almond Lane McKinney, TX 75070
  • 2206 Boll Street Dallas, TX 75204 - Image
    Boll Street Dallas, TX 75204

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